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Flood Insurance Program Interrupted

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was blindsided by FEMA Wednesday evening. Earlier this month, the flood insurance program was facing an expiration. Our Senator John Kennedy sponsored a bill, S. 3628, that was approved by the Senate and accepted by the House of Representatives in a bipartisan vote of 315 – 48 to extend…


Spring Floods

March 13, 2018   Spring floods are common, and this is a good time to review your flood exposures.  Currently, the Mississippi River in New Orleans is approaching the 17-foot flood level again.  The river is flowing fast and putting pressure on the levees even with the Spillway partially open.  This is a good reminder…

flood insurance - what you need to know

Flood Insurance – What You Need To Know

Flood Insurance – What You Need To Know Having lived through the torment of Hurricane Katrina, we truly sympathize with the struggle forthcoming for the victims of the torrential rains that caused floods throughout Louisiana. From an flood insurance standpoint, our suggestions are to document, be patient but persistent, remain safe and look to the…

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Alpha Insurance Gets New Website

Alpha Insurance Agency LLC Gets a New Website Alpha Insurance has invested in a cutting edge website showcasing an abundance of insurance options available for Greater New Orleans. Featuring Information On: Homeowners Insurance Homeowners Insurance Quotes Homeowners Insurance Claims Homeowners Insurance Rates Flood Insurance Flood Insurance Claims Flood Insurance Quotes Commercial Insurance New and Existing…