For United Property Insurance Company Policy Holders



Alpha Insurance Agency will offer you a replacement quote so you can continue coverage without a lapse in coverage. We are aware of the importance of your coverage and our mutual goal is to secure the most cost-effective policy available.

Please note that Alpha Insurance has made special arrangements for most of our UPC policies to be reissued through Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (CURE).

UPC policies written through Alpha Insurance Agency, LLC, will be eligible for a policy with Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (CURE), or with our other markets including Allied Trust, Gulf States, Citizens, multiple surplus lines companies, or any new markets that become available as a result of the new Insure Louisiana Initiative Program. 


The Louisiana Department of Insurance announced that homeowner’s insurer United Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPC) has declared insolvency in Florida after its estimated losses from Hurricane Ian increased to $1.5 billion, over $500 million higher than the insurer previously projected.

UPC policies will be canceled 30 days after the company is placed into liquidation by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and the Florida judicial system.

While an exact time frame will not be available until the liquidation order is in place, UPC policyholders should expect the 30-day window to begin within the next few days.

The State of Louisiana has an insurance guarantee association (LIGA) that provides funding to pay outstanding claims, and to return any unearned premium. You are currently covered by it, and will receive payment for any outstanding claims, and any premiums that are less than $10,000.


Policy Update Request:

Your assistance is requested to obtain coverage at the best price. Please complete the following section and return it to our office.  Some carriers may require Social Security numbers to secure the best pricing.



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