For United Property Insurance Company Policy Holders


If you have received a UPC renewal in 2022 and your policy is paid, then you are fine until May 31, 2023.


Policies renewing after May 31, 2023 that are active on that date will be cancelled midterm.

Unearned premium will be sent by UPC to all policyholders directly.  The Louisiana Insurance Guarantee Association will not be involved. 


We will offer you a replacement quote so you can continue coverage without a lapse.


UPC policies written with Alpha Insurance Agency, LLC, will be eligible for a special policy with Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (CURE), or with our other markets including Allied Trust, Gulf States, Citizens, and Lloyds Markets.


We are aware of the importance of your coverage. Our mutual goal is to secure the most cost-effective policy available.


Policy Update Request:

Your assistance is requested, and we would like to have any updates to your property confirmed including Ida repairs being completed, roof updates, current mortgagee.  You can also provide you social security and date of birth.  Please email






As seen in the local news, UPC is nonrenewing all personal lines property policies.  Unlike the companies this summer, it will be an organized process. Any policies renewing before June 1, 2023, will have replacement coverage options provided without a lapse in coverage or the need to have a premium refund.


Policyholders Information:


UPC did not issue renewals to policies that were set to renew between November 26 through December 31, 2022.  However, by operation of law, your policy continued, and coverage was automatically extended.


Confirmation of the continuation of your coverage can be confirmed by visiting the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.  For complete details, see the Florida OIR’s announcement.

This information has been confirmed by the Louisiana Department of Insurance.


A written confirmation of continued coverage to policyholders and lenders is being issued and will include an invoice for the premium due. Sample Notice to Policy Holders  and Invoice Full Pay can be viewed here.


Along with this letter, UPC is issuing a notice of nonrenewal to all impacted policyholders that will indicate the effective date of the non-renewal.


You can request additional information from our office. 

UPC Insurance Form
If applicable
**All new policies will be inspected.